Sharing of folders in organisation possible?

Dear all,

I’m starting with a selfhosted Bitwarden. It looks really great.
I want to share my passwords with my wife. What’s the best way to do this?
When I try it with a Organisation, I cannot share folders. Or is there a workaround…
Another option should be to use one shared EMail-Account.
Instead john.doe’at’foo . com + jane.doe’at’foo . com better use home’at’foo . com? (sorry I have to disable URL-detecting in the post).
What are your thoughts bout that?
I’m coming from Keepass. There we shared the database…
But BW is really cool.
Thank you,

If you currently have folders in your personal vault then there would not currently be a way to share these folders directly into an Organization.
You can create the organization though and add folders and sub-folders similar to how you have now, or whatever best fits your use case to share with your wife. Then simply move your saved passwords and other items to the organization.

Is your wife already a member of the organization, if not I would suggest inviting her email, then both of you will be a member of the organization and add logins to share when needed but still each have a personal vault for passwords.

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I do not see a way to create folders in the Organization menu.

In Organizations, there actually aren’t “Folders” but there are Collections, which serve a similar purpose:

Hope that helps!