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I’m running into an HTTP 422 error when filling in my email at the start, is this correct?

Hi @MrWouterNL, I just tried with my personal email and it went right to the survey. It could possibly be a browser/network/VPN issue?

I’ve tried it both with personal and corporate email. VPN/non-VPN, different browsers. Same 422 error each time.

I get a 422 error also with no restrictions on the network. Tried using edge, firefox and chrome

In case it is helpful, it is working just fine for me. Perhaps there was a temporary issue that has now passed?

Yeah that’s working now :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience everyone, the post has been updated with a :sparkles: new link!

Link expired. Is the survey closed or I can still participate?

I’ll find out, stay tuned!