Share option not listed

I notice that on my iphone XR, I get the option to share an item password, but on my wife’s Android Samsung Galaxy S20, there is no option at all to share. Why is that? Is it only an iphone thing?

To share something (which is now called “Move to Organization”, which hasn’t updated on iOS yet), the user must be a member of an organization and have access to a collection that they can read/write to.

So it could be one of 3 things:

  1. Her user is not part of an organization and collection
  2. If she is a member of an org and has access to a collection, she may have ‘read only’ permission for all of them.
  3. If her app says “Move to Organization” - that’s the same as sharing, and your iPhone will get that update soon :+1:

oh, so she must create an organization in order to see the option to move or share?
That’s the difference between my account and hers. I created an organization a while ago to test, but she hasn’t done that. I wish bitwarden option to share was a bit more user friendly like their competition.

I came from LastPass and I have to be honest, it was super easy to share passwords. The only reason I came over is because they started charging.