Share items and folders with organisation instead of moving them

Feature name

I guess you could call this “Read-only sharing to organisation, with folder structure”. Not very catchy I know. I’m sure someone else can think of a better name.

Feature function

At the moment, there isn’t a way to share items from a personal vault to an organisation, only to move them to the organisation. As it says when I select that option:

“Choose an organisation that you wish to move this item to. Moving to an organisation transfers ownership of the item to that organisation. You will no longer be the direct owner of this item once it has been moved.”

I don’t want to move items to an organisation or transfer ownership of them. I just want to share items, on a read-only basis, so that other family members can see those items and if I update them, the updates are reflected in the organisation because it’s basically just a read-only link to the item in my vault.

I also want to be able to share folders from my personal vault to the organisation. So for example, if I have a folder named “Jason’s bank accounts” and I share that with the organisation under the “Family bank accounts” collection, then other users should see that folder under that collection, to keep things tidy.

Then if I decide that I no longer want to share particular items or folders with the organisation, I can just unshare them.

With the current system of moving items rather than sharing them, there’s no easy way to move them back and they default to read/write, so anyone in the organisation could edit or delete them and lose those login details. I know it’s possible to set individual users to read-only for each Collection but that isn’t the default, so some people won’t realise they need to do this until it’s too late, but in any event that’s more hassle than just sharing items as I’ve described, as then the original user is automatically the only person who can edit those items.

I’m sure the current Move method suits some people and use cases, so I’m asking for an additional “Share to organisation” option for both items and folders, rather than replacing the Move option.

I think it would also be better if the items shared with an organisation didn’t appear under the All items tab in the web vault for other users, only under the Collection(s) they’ve been shared with. That will avoid the confusion of having different users’ accounts for the same service (e.g. Google, Youtube, etc.) all appearing together under All items. When using the search function in the browser extension, that should still include items in the Collections as with that it’s more fiddly to select the Collection and then search and if you click away from the extension it closes and you lose your place, which isn’t a problem with the web vault.

This will affect the web vault and the desktop application.

Yeah I found it strange that there’s no sharing option available. It would be great if the Bitwarden team can clarify on the reason(s) for not implementing this feature in the first place.

In the meantime, I’d simply clone the existing record to the Collection and rename the title (of the cloned version) with obvious label such as COPY so to remind myself if any updates needs to be made, this would need to be done with the master record and not to the copy. Once updating the master record, simply clone it again to replace the previously cloned version. That’s my workaround.