Several Issues Found in the Android Beta Version

  1. Even when the “Allow Screenshots” option is not enabled, screenshots can still be taken normally. Additionally, during screen mirroring on a smartphone, the Bitwarden page remains visible (rather than showing a black screen).

  1. When swiping up to keep Bitwarden in the Android recent tasks view, there is no black screen overlay present.
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“Your feedback is important!”

I believe that the official response to feedback on the forums is too slow. Several posts today have not received any replies from official staff members at all.

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Hey there! A Bitwarden employee may not respond directly to ever post with feedback, but we are certainly reading them and documenting defects and enhancements we can make to the apps. In cases like yours where the feedback is high quality, providing screenshots and clear steps to recreate the issue, we might move on quickly without responding. Thank you again for checking out the beta apps!