Settings in Web-Vault not persistent

I am writing this in User-Support because I am not sure if this is a missing feature or if this is a planned behavior.

I have set up the language in my Web-Vault from “Default” to “en”.
I also set up to lock my vault “On Browser Refresh”.
But when I close Firefox and open it again then these settings are set to the default value.

So each time I start Firefox (at work) or Chrome (at home) then the web vault automatically locks after 15 minutes.
This forces me each time to go to the settings, change them and then re-login.

If I make these changes in the Web-Vault, I expect that the values are stored there and are used for all browsers.
When I set up something in the Firefox Add-In, then I know that this is only working in the Add-In.

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Are you clearing local storage whenever you close firefox?

Yes, but my expectation is that is is stored on the server (in my personal account)

It is not stored on the server. These are local device settings.

When I go to the settings in my vault I am at the tab “My Account”.
These are global settings.

When I go to the tab “Options” I see the text:

Customize your web vault experience.

So I assume that these settings also a global settings (and not the settings for the current device).

The next tabs are “Organizations”, “Go Premium”, “Two-step Login” and “Domain Rules”.
All those settings are also global settings.

Under usability perspective (I work as Usability Engineer) the user thinks that these settings are global settings that apply to all devices.
Especially the language should be applied to all devices (I have a German Windows and a German Android but I want to have a English Bitwarden UI).

And it would also be very useful when I just set up the lock settings only once and they are applied to all my browsers.

Or are there any security reasons that speak against it?

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