Setting up gmail in BW: Please point me to help

Just installed BW Premium as a substitute for LP.

I have an existing gmail email account. I want to configure BW to store my email address and my password. How can I get BW configured so that 1)I can click on an entry in BW so that it opens that page in Firefox, 2) autofills in the email and pw?

I assume I need to use the BW “login” page but unsure.

Where is the BW help page on setting gmail up? Or if that does not exist, what are the steps to accomplish this? Sorry, this must seen like a silly/basic question.


Platform: Linux, Firefox 67.0.4

I’m assuming you’re trying to use Bitwarden to store your email credentials?

You can use the Firefox extension to configure or add your accounts and use it to autofill on websites.

If you want, you can use the Web Vault (or the login page) in the Bitwarden website as well. But autofill does not work for it and you need to manually copy the password and email then paste it on gmail.

The feature you mentioned where you could click on an entry and it automatically opens and autofills websites for it is not a feature on Bitwarden. Though you could request for it :slight_smile:

Also since you’re from LastPass, welcome to Bitwarden! Do note that the autofill function requires manual clicking of the addon.

Sorry. I am using the Firefox addon.

I was able to get to work right by filling these fields in the bitwarden firefox login dialog:

  • Name - gmail dot com.

  • username - my email address, like [email protected] dot com

  • password - my gmail password.

My early experience is that I like the simple bitwarden UI, and functionality is adequate. I paid for the premium service. Good job bitwarden!

Thanks for your help.