Setting to change default name on new logins

Hi there,

Is it possible to get a setting so that the new name on logins would autofill from the browser tab name instead of the URL?

I prefer the clean look of it describing what the login in for, and since the URL is already saved, having it in the name seems redundant.

I can understand how some people would prefer it as it is, but to have an option to have them using friendly names by default makes it much more approachable for people without a tech background.


FYI yhis request has already been denied here on GitHub :

But I do agree this could be a setting !

Thanks Crocmagnon,

I searched the forums but didn’t think to search GitHub!

I’m still hopeful there could be a toggle for this - a lot fewer websites seem to SEO jargon their titles these days, but I understand this setting wouldn’t be for everyone.


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