Set/Display number of characters for passphrases

I normally use passphrases when generating password for new accounts or change existing ones. Unfortunately many sites still limit the number of characters of their passwords. And this number varies greatly from account to account.
From my perspective it would be great to not only set the number of words whene generating a new password, but also to set a maximum number of characters. Correspondingly it would be great if Bitwarden showed the number of characters also for the existing passwords within the vault. Because if I want to change the password, I rarely remember how many characters are allowed for this specific account. So I need to count the characters of the existing password to generate a password of the same length. Consequently, a great option would be, if you generate a new passphrase for an existing account it the passphrase generate had the same length rigth away.
So, in short, I’d love to see:

  • an option to set a max number of characters when generating a new passphrase (in addition of number of words).
  • a display of the number of characters for the existing passwords in the vault.
  • the password generator automatically set the same number of characters when generating a passphrase for an existing account.

Thanks a lot for considering this feature request.


There is already an option to display the number of characters

You can also set the number of characters in the generator

There actually is (was?) something like this in the works, although I have to say that it’s a terrible idea for security. If there are length constraints for the passwords that you need, you should be creating passwords that are random character-strings, not passphrases (which are around 4 times weaker than random strings for a given length limit). In your vault, use passphrases only for credentials that you need to manually transcribe (e.g., by typing it using a TV remote) or communicate verbally.