Session management

Most of the apps have this nice feature that you can see how many devices you are logged in and the type of the device , and i think that it might be amazing if bitwarden have it , basically you get to see in how many devices is your account active and you also get a choice to delete that session from the setting .

I’m out of votes, but I like this idea.

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@kspearrin i hope is this feature get your attention.

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I would say that an extensive logging should be made visible to the end user:

  • current connections

  • device names (with white-listing and black listing if device is lost)

  • ip addresses and geo information

  • detailed loging information that show when is logged in, with what device and from where and if the login was successfull , when a password is copied, changed, viewed

  • a daily/weekly report the mailbox of the user

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I think this feature is absolutely necessarily when rotating your encryption key, per the help article: rotating your accounts encryption key:

Because your account’s encryption key changes, any old sessions with a Bitwarden application that you may be logged into with your account will still have the old, incorrect encryption key. If you make any changes to your account’s vault data with an old encryption key, that data will become corrupted and unrecoverable. After rotating your account’s encryption key it is very important that you completely log out and back in to all Bitwarden applications where you are using that account. Logging out and back in will ensure that your account has downloaded its new encryption key.

I’d like to be confident that I’ve logged out of all my devices but without a list of them, this is hard to do.


Should this be merged into Session management? Seems like it’s a duplicate. Thanks!

@dwbit when will this crucial safety feature be available? :lock: Currently, being able to disconnect all sessions is not an optimal solution because you often only need to check which devices are connected to your account, and eventually disconnect the unrecognized one.

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Thanks @fabriziobagala this feedback has been passed along to the team.