Separate authenticator app for premium customers

Authenticator app

Feature function

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    Bring all the TOTP Toghether and will be easier to navigate
  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    Make life simple
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    #authenticator app

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    lastpass authenticator app

I use Authy and it suits my needs very well. Speaking from a security viewpoint it weakens your overall situation when you use ONE device to accomplish a connection with a 2FA handshake! My scenario means I grab my Android and acquire the TOTP for the website AFTER BitWarden has provided the user and password. Its the classic convenience vs security debate I know. I think some would allow for a one device (BW) connection for the sake of speed and ease. I wouldn’t use it for the reason I stated earlier.

Still, I can visualize why some would want this feature. Realize that either approach is far inferior compared with U2F, which I use in every location that supports it.

Also for maintenance reasons, why not just adding an extra type (in the app / extension, etc.), besides current types (Login, Card, Identity, Secure note)? Then you just open this type and see all your verification codes…
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Makes so much sense , i wish the Devs Consider this

I’d say separate tab inside Bit Warden app rather than new app

Even better IDea