Sending mail - works for new login only, can't validate email


I’m a fresh user of Bitwarden. I use it on my personal server, hosted on a personal domain.
All works correctly except emails.

First, I receive some mail when I log from a new device:

But I can’t validate my email or login on the admin portal.

[email protected]
[email protected]

Thank fo your help. :blush:


  • Nothing in log files.
  • Tried with “globalSettings__mail__smtp__trustServer=true” without success

Hello @BeWog,
I had the (maybe) same problem long time ago, when I was setting up my server. If I remember right I got it working by doing the following:

  1. Trying the settings in Thunderbird, send and receive email
  2. Adding globalSettings__mail__smtp__trustServer=true as you mentioned
  3. Switching to port 587 as 465 did not work for me.

In my case I had a self hosted email server. If you have an external email server like gmx (in Germany) you need to enable the ports before you can use them (You will find out if you test it with thunderbird).

Thank you for your help.

I saw others topics speaking about spam.
I had a doubt about the OVH server so I made multiple test with 3 differents emails to understand.
I also had 2 differents ways to use Python script (smtplib.SMTP_SSL and smtplib.SMTP with tls) and i didn’t understand immediatly but it depend of the port - 465 (SSL) or 587 (TLS).

Of course, objective is security so, I do not use globalSettings__mail__smtp__trustServer

For tests, TLS always true:

Even if i didn’t want to use Gmail, it was the only solution to validate email and admin portal.

I also noticed when i used Gmail SMTP, servers reply “550 spam detected” (mails was send on server mail).

So i concluded OVH et mail servers do not like Bitwarden. :thinking:
Fortunately, SMTP configuration is not required to use Bitwarden.