Send website name to Firefox Relay for username generation in the Android app

I have started to use Firefox Relay. When I use the Bitwarden Firefox addon on desktop or the Windows desktop app to generate a new e-mail alias, Bitwarden generates an entry in Firefoy Relay with the name like - Generated by Bitwarden.

On the other hand, when I generate a new alias with the Bitwarden Android app, it creates a name like:

Generated by Bitwarden.

Even though the title and URI fields are filled. This makes it impossible to distinguish where that alias gets used. So you have to manually open relay and change the title. Thus making the API integration somewhat pointless when you still have to open Firefox Relay.

So for better feature parity and user experience I suggest that the Android app gets the same behaviour as the firefox plugin and the windows desktop app.

Hi @plissk3n and thank you for your request.

I think this might just have been an oversight while developing it. I would consider this a bug. Would you mind creating an issue over at the Bitwarden Mobile repo ?

It might not have a high priority to get fixed by the team, but this would be a great first issue for new contributors. The AnonAddyForwarder ( has support for sending the website via the Api, which could be used as guidance to open a Pull Request.

Kind regards,

I finally came around opening an issue: Send website name to Firefox Relay for username generation · Issue #2971 · bitwarden/mobile · GitHub