Selfhosted Bitwarden with internal Domain

We have a selfhosted Bitwarden instance running only on our internal Domain which is not reachable from the internet.

There are two issues that I couldn’t resolve:

  1. Our TLD is unique, which means that it is not in the public suffix list. With the help of @cksapp we found out that Bitwarden seems to only recognize URLs that end with a valid public suffix. There is no way to add own TLDs so we can’t use the autofill feature on out internal URLs which tbh really sucks. Is there some way to add our internal TLD via some config file?

  2. This also means that we can’t verify our Domain at all to skip the identifier process. Adding the TXT-Record to our internal DNS hasn’t been successful, I suppose Bitwarden tries to verify it from the internet which obviously isn’t possible.

I’ve been waiting a few months now hoping for an update that fixes these issues we are facing - to no avail. I mean this is not really a new feature request, since IMHO this should just work out of the box.

In hopes of getting a solution or at least bringing some attention to these issues.

@bw-admin Any information or at least acknowledgement of this issue on your side?


Thanks for the question @justarandomsysadmin and good to see you in the community again! Would you be able to advise if you’ve reached out to Customer Support about this since you posted this thread? I think that would be the best place to start, to see if they have a workaround to this issue.

Did you ever find a solution for this? I know its a year later but I’m encountering a similar issue with the sso identifier

Regex or starts-with URL matching might solve it for you.