Self-signed certificate for mobile

Hi guys,

I have simple questions.

I ran initial setup script and chose not to generate Let’s Encrypt cert.

I generated self-signed.

My mobile app doesn’t connect.

Main questions are:

  1. Do I need an SSL cert from the CA to make app work?

-I want to add Let’s Encrypt cert now for a learning experience.

  1. What is the best way to add and how do you recommend to verify, via DNS records or other methods? I know it’s more Let’s Encrypt topic…

Hey @bluefox52 let me know if you had a chance to review this help center doc:


I had. I even ran command to generate self-signed certificate, but it still doesn’t connect with mobile app.

Where can I see logs in Ubuntu?

Can you confirm you added the self-signed certificate chain to your device’s root store?

As described in
For Android you can follow the linked article in the Help center as well,
Add & remove certificates - Pixel Phone Help

I added as a user certificate. I don’t see other ways in Samsung version of an Android.

Anything else to try?