Self Service for Enterprise Plans

Through the recent Bitwarden user research study I realized that our company uses bitwarden quite differently than most companies would it seems.
We do not supervise employee and don’t isolate the in the typical marketing, development … islands.
While access to all password is limited at first through collections/groups, our employees are free to ask around for existing logins and request them at our administrators. They will than often be added without much hassle.

However it would be much easier if anyone could use the search function of bitwarden for this to see if there are credentials/notes available for their search that they don’t have access to yet and request it through the application

Feature name

Self Service Access Request

Feature function

  • let member of a vault search for items they don’t have access to
  • these search results are obfuscated¹ ² and cannot be used by members without access to that group/collection
  • access can be requested through the bitwarden application/web vault/extension³
  • administrators and/or owners are being notified by mail, that someone requested access to an item
  • admins/owners can see details about the requested item’s group and collection
  • admins/ owners can deny the request or choose to add the requester to either the item’s group or collection

¹ a message is being displayed : “there may be X results for your search, that you don’t have access to
² clicking that message would reveal only the Name fields of the item(s).
³ below the item(s) name is a request access button being shown

What benefits will this feature bring?

  • streamlined self service for larger organizations
  • less time needed for employees to get information about company credentials
  • avoiding unneeded/multiple accounts for already exiting websites or services

Hi @PHK! Thank you for participating in the recent user research study; and thank you for this suggestion. I’m curious, does your company have any items they would want to exclude from this type of vault search?


I’m not an enterprise user, but I know just a bit how enterprise security generally works. Maybe include a toggle per collection/login for inclusion/exclusion to “unauthorized search”? Of course, only if it meets the criteria of the original suggestion.

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Hi Danielle,

we might only exclude identities and some cards items.

In general I think it would be great if administrators could allow/disallow the 4 vault item types to never be included in the obfuscated search, regardless of included/excluded groups and collections

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