Self Install - Upload From Client Device To New Server - Please Help!

Please help!
So I had a self hosted instance of BitWarden on a Linux VM in Proxmox. All working fine, 3 different client devices all pulling and pushing password data into the local install (all 3 devices have the latest set of passwords) which was accessible externally.
Yesterday my Proxmox server went bang. Hardrive failure :frowning: I have tried restoring the latest backup to a new machine however the backups are all shot to hell as well :frowning: so effectively, apart from having all passwords on all 3 devices, I no longer have a server.

I am going to create a new instance of BitWarden on a new machine however is there a way of getting all the data from one of the 3 existing devices pushed into the new server when I get it online?

Sounds more likely that the empty vaults on the server would get pushed onto your devices (and/or that the devices would get logged out, thereby purging the locally cached vault data).

If you have not already done so, create a .JSON export of every vault that you are logged in to. You will then be able to import these files into the new accounts hosted on your new server instance.

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@grb thank you. Thankfully I was only using 1 vault.
Is the export to json something that can be done in iOS app? Or just desktop app?

Edit: just found the option on iOS app: Settings - Vault - Export Vault.
Thank you so much

You’re welcome!