Self hosting and database?

i’m french sorry for my little english

I just finished my self hosting with SLL, I am very happy to have achieved this.

I offered the address of my server to several friends to discover the tool. I don’t understand how many people can create an account and log in at the same time ?

is it possible to open the database?
For example: I want to delete the test accounts.

thank you for your future advice

I don’t have a bitwarden server, but I would assume it’s a SQL database? (correct me if I’m wrong)

But using PHPMyAdmin hosted on your server should give you access to the database.

Lastly make sure you instal a firewall on your server and close all unused ports

You’ll use your admin page - should be setup at admin.[] - you’ll want to make sure your admin email address is explicitly listed in your configuration, too. Within the admin panel you can delete the user/account.

To open registration, you’ll set globalSettings__disableUserRegistration in ./bwdata/env/global.override.env to true and re-start using