Self-hosters: How expensive does hosting tend to be for a small team?

Hey everyone!

I’m trying to minimize costs for a small nonprofit team of about 10-12 people (depending on the year). I’m looking into self-hosting a password manager, because $3/user/month is too much for the org.

If I were to throw an instance of bitwarden up on AWS or Google Cloud, how fast to hosting and access costs add up? Is anyone willing to give me some ballpark estimates?



The self hosted options are actually the same price-wise as the cloud hosted.

If you self host you can have many “free” accounts, but sharing between them would not be enabled. To share you’d need an organization, which is what the $3/user/month is for (specifically our Teams plan).

However, we do offer non-profit discounts, so I’d definitely reach our to our sales folks here to see what they can set up for you :metal:

Oh interesting. I thought that self-hosting would just bypass any association with your service at all. So it would actually be more expensive to self-host since it would be whatever hosting costs + your subscription?

I’ll drop the sales folks a line.