Self-hosted - migration of a free-plan organization

I recently migrated my bitwarden cloud web vault to a self-hosted one.
Everything went smooth. I could easily migrate my premium license and all my database entries.
The only issue I have is with organizations. On the web vault I was using a free-plan organization.
I cannot create one on the self-hosted bitwarden. When I try to add an organization to my self-hosted bitwarden, the only option I am given is to load an organization license file.
However, on the web vault, when I access my organization settings->subscription page I can find no way to download any organization license file. Which makes sense, because mine is a free-plan organization.
So my question is: how can I create a free-plan organization on the self-hosted bitwarden much the same way as I did on cloud web bitwarden?

Thank you

Hi @papayo,

The free 2-person organization is currently only available on the cloud hosted service.