Self-hosted, master password only works after logout

I have a self-hosted instance of bitwarden, it’s been working fine for quite a while. A month or so ago, the TLS certs expired and I refreshed them to get my instance working again. Since then it seems that while using BitWarden extension in Chrome, Firefox or Edge (doesn’t really matter), I am only able to access my account after I logout the extension and login again. Any subsequent attempts to unlock the extension with the master password fail and I have to force a “logout” and login the extension.

This is the error I see. The password is correct though.

If you’re using Bitwarden official, you’ll need to update the server (requires v1.36+) to fix this error (the current clients require the newer server)

If you’re on Bitwarden_RS, they may not have updated their APIs to work with the current clients just yet.

Thanks, it worked. Due to whatever reason my last update attempt from a few weeks ago didn’t fix the issue and seems my docker images were like 5 months old.

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