Self Hosted Install - Can Access by IP Address Only

I followed the online instructions to install Bitwarden on Ubuntu on Docker. I used Let’s Encrypt on my on domain. I can access Bitwarden by my internal IP address, but not by my domain. The admin and api logs are clean except for: Now listening on: http://[::]:5000.

The idenity log is showing this:
CorsPolicyService did not allow origin:

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @chrisdenny and welcome to the community,

Presumably you are internally on your network, and it seems you’ve currently setup external DNS as you’ve gained a valid LE cert.

Do you have the same hostname and domain for your external domain and internal?
Aka are you running a split-brain, split-horizon DNS.
You may want to verify you have the correct internal record for your local host.

I am not running split-brain or split-horizon DNS. I have my domain setup through CloudFlare and using a subdomain to point to my IP address. I have this working great for my Home Assistant server (a different IP address), but I cannot get it the domain to work with Bitwarden.