Self-hosted: Email notification on available updates


When on a self-hosted installaion: It would be great, if Bitwarden sent a notification when there’s a new version for Server and/or Web (given that the SMTP settings are set, of course).

Right now I have to (more or less regularly) login to the admin portal an and check manually, potentially leaving my installation at risk if I don’t update to the newest version right away.

Or is there an other way to get notifierd on new available versions?


We do all of our releases via GitHub before the docker hub upload, so you can tune into the /server and /web GitHub Repos for notifications of new releases.

Also, you can always set a cron job to check for/perform updates.

Create an account on Github
Go to
Click on Watch
Select Custom
Then Releases
You will be notified via the registered email when there is a new release.

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Thank you for the Github suggestion! That would solve my issue. But wouldn’t it be nice to have an independant and integrated solution, especially when the whole email functionality already exists?

I think it would be neat to have some kind of cron task which checks (daily) if there’s a new version and sends you an email (if SMTP settings are set). Extra points if you could enable and disable the update notifications in the admin portal.