Self-hosted blue color is different versus hosted

Running a self-hosted instance of bitwarden using a family license. In flicking between the hosted and self-hosted sites to extract my license file I noticed that although the light themes are consistent in both the blue used across the self-hosted version is different to that of the hosted version.

I accept it’s not the world’s biggest issue, however curious why this would be the case and can it be rectified?

Self hosted:

Thanks in advance!


This was actually done on purpose so we are able to easily tell if you’re using our cloud or self-hosted :+1:


I assume then I have to understand how to change the style sheet info if I want to change the self-hosted colour theme, or is there some easier way?

I believe you could change them in the style sheets, but those changes would be overwritten when your installation gets updated.

As suspected. Not worth the hassle. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response, appreciated it.

Loving bitwarden, moved from LastPass to 1Password, then to a KeepassXC over the years but once I found out about bitwarden and that it can be self-hosted it was a no-brainer.

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Hi Trey,

Was wondering if this also applied to the dark theme, but it appears there is no difference between colors of the cloud-hosted and self-hosted instances. No issue, just info.


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