Self Hosted Bitwarden - Can't connect on mobile app

I’ve installed a self hosted version of Bitwarden following the instructions on official Bitwarden site:

The web interface is up and running without issue. I’ve added in a browser extension. These two sync back and forth, no issue. I am unable to sign in to the iOS mobile app. I’ve selected the self hosted option adding in the URL of my instance but keep getting an error message of “exception message: the internet connection appears to be offline”. Any ideas on a solution?

Edit: I’ll add that I’m unable to verify my email getting an error message of “an unhandled server error has occurred”. I suppose these issues could be related??

Hi, has this been resolved?

Yes. It isn’t a Bitwarden issue. In my iPhone I had local network access switched off for the app. Turning this on allowed the app to sync with the server and life is good.

thanks, checked that, but local network is enabled.

I found the issue. I needed to update the vaultwarden docker to the newest version.