Self-Hosted 2023.5.0 Invite new member fails with bad credentials

Hi All,

My user is setup as an owner and when I try to invite an additional user to our self-hosted org I get a BadCredentials error message. Is anyone else able to reproduce this on 2023.5.0 self-hosted? Is there a privilege or permission I need instead of owner? I have a couple other users that I invited months ago without an issue so I am leaning towards a bug.

I have reproduced this in Chrome and Firefox and the POST request is responded to with a 400 Bad Request and a red pop-up box appears with the following: “535: 5.7.8 Username and Password not accepted. Learn more at 5.7.8 Check Gmail through other email platforms - Gmail Help fg25-20020a05622a581900b003f6b8a6fd18sm551788qtb.96 - gsmtp”

Hello @bigdwg71 and welcome to the community,

As an Owner member of a Bitwarden Organization you should have the highest level privilege across the Organization and can do basically anything with your Org including invite users.

This leads me to believe the issue would be with sending the invitation from the self-hosted server and not from an issue with your Org Owner.
I would recommend checking the SMTP password has not been changed, of if you are using Gmail and have 2FA set up for the account you may need to create and use an app password instead.

Bah! It was right there! Thank you, @cksapp issue resolved! It was indeed my gmail setup.