Self host locally only

Could anyone point me to a guide to how to install Bitwarden for self hosting LOCALLY ONLY ie no web access.
Limited skills so looking for an easy to follow guide. I currently don’t run docker.

Thanks, any help appreciated!

If you’re wanting to self-host locally in a production environment (e.g. you just want to use Bitwarden and are not changing any code), you can follow the Installing and deploying guide. It does use Docker, however it is easy enough to install and run, and it is much easier than doing it without Docker. This will deploy it on localhost by default:

By default, Bitwarden will be served through ports 80 (http) and 443 (https) on the localhost machine.

If you’re wanting a local test/development environment, you can follow the guide.

Thank you.
Excuse my ignorance but does that prevent any external access via those ports?

Yes - as long as you’re hosting on localhost or, it will use your computer’s loopback network interface. This means that it’s really just your computer talking to itself, and it’s not visible to any other device. (See the explanation about loopback interfaces here for a more technical explanation.)