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I have had to begin using lastpass at work but one feature I like of that is the securiy score card where this gives you a percentage score of how many times you have re used passwords to prompt you to begin changing them.

I think this is somthing bitwarden should do and probably not a lot of work in order to do it either ?


Hi Matt - I think most would argue that one should never reuse passwords, particularly if you use a password manager to store them.

The Vault Health feature in Bitwarden will tell you where you have reused passwords. More details here, if you are intetested:

David Yes I know this but its a good visual reminder when its in your face if you see a score card we all know security best practices but not everyone follows them and not everyone works in the industry.

Having a nice score card makes this information front of mind for them and is a prompt to action it where as running reports inside menus does not have the desired result.

That description you added is very helpful, Matt. Now I understand better what you are proposing. Sounds like a good idea, especially for organizational users as you suggest. Cheers!

David so looks something like this

I think this is a great

  • Security Score Card

Hi all, after switching over to bitwarden a couple years ago from lastpass, I realise that I miss the security score card feature. It would show you a visual reminder of your current password health and strength etc.
I have attached a photo of what the feature from lastpass looks like. I personally found it very useful and it caused me to change a lot of my passwords.
The card could include all the current vault health reports in bitwarden on one screen.


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