Security report: Make it possible to ignore items

The security report is an awesome tool! However, the problem is that for some items it is not possible to make them “more secure”. As an example: If I store the 4-digit pin-code of a physical card in Bitwarden, it is not possible to make it more secure, as the card doesn’t allow more digits or letters. However, this makes the entry always show up as “known password” and “weak password”. It would be great if certain categories could be ignored for specific entries, so I can get the report down to “zero” entries. Otherwise, there will always be a long list of irrelevant entries in the report.
Another example are certain 2FA websites mentioned: Some of them only have SMS 2FA, and some don’t have 2FA in certain countries (like PayPal), so the entry cannot be removed from the report. So setting user-defined ignores would be very helpful.