Security key series

Hello, I am new and would like to ask which yubico key is the best option for me.
I only want to use it for Bitwarden, nothing else. I did a little research over the weekend and the Security Key Series should be sufficient,
but I see that Yubikey 5 is more recommended, would it be of any benefit to me if I only want it for bitward?.
But Im confused about Passwordless, are you using it?
Is it possible to set a different option for each key?
For example 2FA for 2 keys, MFA for 1 key and passwordless for 2 keys? Or is it best just use passwordless for each key?

Another question is if the Security Key Series is fully compatible with Bitwarden apps, I read on reddit that a lot of people have problems with it on android mobile, but I also read about problems with yubikey 5. So Im not sure.


@Maxxx0, I would recommend getting the Yubikey 5 series because it does everything and the price difference is really not worth the time or worry about compatibility.

As for the passwordless option in Bitwarden I believe that is still a work in progress.

I used to have a Security Key and a Yubikey 5, amongst others. On Friday I managed to drop my work laptop on its side, with the Yubikey 5 plugged in. Yubikeys are tough, but not that tough and the connector broke off. C’est la Vie.

When I replace it I am going to get another Security Key. The extra facilities that the Yubikey 5 has are not that useful for what I do, so I have decided it is not worth the extra.

I would advise comparing the specifications and seeing which one is good enough for you. One password manager will only work with a Yubikey 5, but the others, including Bitwarden, work with the Security Key,

@Maxxx0 Welcome to the forum!

The security key series is the only thing you need for Bitwarden. Possible exceptions would be if your using the macOS or Linux desktop clients, which are not FIDO2-compatible (and on top of that, there is no security key that fits in a mac lightning port).

As for as the various authentication protocols (2FA, MFA, or passwordless), that is set up on the online service that you are logging in to, it is not set up on the key itself. So you could have one key that is used for 2FA at Bitwarden and passwordless at Microsoft.

I am new to BitWarden, so my response will be of a more generic nature. Once you start using the YubiKey, you will recognize the additional security it provides for some of your other logins that require a higher level of security. Therefore, buying the 5 series allows for greater flexibility. By the way, the NFC works fine on my phone.