Securely share files with people outside of Organisation

In the marketing world (and I’m sure many other industries) we have a desperate need for a service that facilitates the secure transfer of files between people in the organisation and people external to the organisation and vice versa. For example, transferring customer databases. The current solution is to encrypt and password files in .7z, or to create access logins on the platforms that store databases like Mailchimp or a CRM, but there is no single way to do it that is cross-platform and easy for users…

Because there is no easy solution at present or awareness about the security considerations, people send big databases in plain-text over email.

The solution that I’m thinking of would allow the sender to just drop a file onto a webpage, the platform encrypts it and generates a passphrase, sends a link to a requested email, and then tells the sender to communicate the passphrase to the recipient via another medium.

Not only would this solution be of great benefit to Bitwarden users but it would also help the Bitwarden brand reach people who are not necessarily existing users: everyone wins!

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Check these out:-

It is now in development.


This looks like it could be it! Fingers crossed it is.

This is now live!