Secured notes from dashlane to bitwarden


I am a new user, and I switched from dashlane, I created an json file, and imported it, some minor errors easily repared by hands, but I’m loosing every “secured notes” , how can I format/modify my json to transfert them correctly?


Please read this and modify the export.

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thanks for your answer.
The problem might be from dashlane export, because when Isearch for a word I wrote in my note, with notepad++, I can’t find it in json or csv.
I think I would ask in dashlane forum
thanks anyway

So… It’s dashlane… they don’t allow to share notes with not password protected database…
I will have to manually copy everything, so I will clean my mess…

Welcome. Sorry to hear that Dashlane will not export those notes.

I suppose you may need to copy and paste them individually, which will probably be a pain.

It is, and I don’t understand why they allow passwords, credit card etc… But not the notes… Really stupid… Really happy to make the switch to bitwarden.

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