Secure Setup Bitwarden Enterprise on VPS

how to setup an Bitwarden Enterprise Server sercure on an VPS Server easily?
Use fail2ban or is it implemented in Bitwarden that if there where to many logins that the ip will banned?
Should I use a reverse proxy?
Only open port 80 and 443 for Letsencrypt and Access to public IP
Work with VPN? Or without is secure enough?
What is a good setup for Enterprise?
I would prefer VPS because its on a different place than the main cloud instances.
Is the normal Bitwarden Docker setup as it is enough secure an Ubuntu?


He @meme aside from the community support here, you can also connect with the support team at for self-hosting enterprise support.

There is also a community guide here for fail2ban setup: How to install and configure fail2ban with Bitwarden standard Docker install

I saw the guide. I am interested in the great opinion of the community and how most bitwarden safely operate for a company.

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I would be very happy about feedback. The question arises whether Bitwarden is inherently so secure that you don’t have to worry about it. It would be great to know something about that. Also what the optimal setup could look like.