Secure Notes visible in View even when Master PW is enabled for editing

In android, when I enable Master PW confirmation for editing, I can still select View option and the entire note is visible without entering the MPW. In Lastpass, the note is not visible until the MPW is entered (assuming MPW confirmation is enabled).
As a matter of security, I would prefer the secure note not be viewable until the MPW is entered.


Thanks for the feedback, the team is planning to revamp the reprompt down the road to protect the whole vault item.


Glad to hear that is being worked on in the future. This happens on the desktop client too.

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In the meantime, you can create a custom field of the “Hidden” type (select “Hidden” from the custom fields dropdown menu, and then click the :heavy_plus_sign: symbol); if you enter the sensitive information as the value of the hidden field, it will not be possible to view the information without re-entering the master password.

This is still a problem on IOS