Search Results - Include Folder Path

Is there an option to display the folder path in search results? For instance, if you had multiple clients you worked with, and for each one you had a cPanel login, searching for cPanel might lead you to confusing results. Displaying the folder path in the results would let you select the appropriate one. Not sure if I’m missing something or if this would be a feature request.

To my knowledge, that’s not currently possible. You may want to post it as a feature request.

My workaround is simple and seems to work: For each bitwarden item, I include a unique identifier.

For example,

  • cPanel: Client 1
  • cPanel: Client 2
  • cPanel: Client 3


This technique also allows searches to be even more powerful.

I imagine that would work very well. But I’m looking at migrating from another solution over to Bitwarden, and in the previous solution did something similar to what I’m wanting, so it was all organized that way. I’ll go ahead and put in a feature request. Thank you.

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