Search not working in Android App

The search works fine in the Windows App but when I download the Android App 2.18.0 (4572) and search for the same things it cannot find them. Any ideas


Basic searches can be made in any Bitwarden app, and more advanced full-text searches can be made in the web vault, desktop app, and browser extension.

Source: Search your Vault | Bitwarden Help & Support

Probably depends on what or how you search. The Android app is not mentioned as being capable of doing an “advanced full-text search”.

Hi Peter,
Thanks for replying. Had searched for 'search in the help but hadn’t come across the link you sent. I’ve imported from Keepass and it has a folder structure. So Android app doesn’t search within folders. So I suppose I need to ask if they will make the android app do advanced searches?

Thanks again

Hi John - the Android app can definitely search within folders, so there must be some other issue with what you are trying to do. Can you elaborate a bit on what you are searching for and what you are expecting to see returned as a result?

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