✅ Search function should support entry of single Chinese word

Hey guys, first thing is first. Bitwarden is great, and I am a Chinese user.

The search function doesnt work when I enter one letter only. That is OK when using language like english. But when I enter one Chinese word only, it still doesnt work. You know one Chinese word is a like an english word, not an english letter. For example 桥 means bridge. As a Chinese user I really need Bitwarden can search with just one letter, or technically one Chinese word.

After all, why not? Allowing users search with only one letter seems will do no harm. Will you guys make this happen?

I have faced situations where I really need to search with one letter. Currently Bitwarden only searches through the vault when there are only two or more letters, which is pretty annoying. Making this small enhancement can really make a difference.

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Cant agree more. It is just a small enhancement but will make things much much better.

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I cannot agree enough on this point.

I would like to use bitwarden as my main contact list, but this limitation in the search, especially on mobile apps makes this almost impossible.

Unfortunately I’m stuck with 1password as my contact manager until this feature gets added.

Running into the same issue. This enhancement will be very helpful!

yes, same issue, Please allow to search for a letter, it will be very helpful in Asia

If I had to guess, I think the minimum length=2 was done to avoid slow query performance on large vaults (probably targeting languages like English).


It probably makes sense to support this for languages like Chinese.

Whether the behavior should also be changed for languages like English would probably depend on performance (making sure there is no lag when a user types 1 character → 2 characters → …) tested on a very large vault.

I think a possible workaround in mean time is to add a wildcard asterisk * to your search query. I haven’t actively tried this out, so I cannot guarantee it will work.

This isn’t exactly the same query since it changes the search behavior in fields like Notes (the default is exact match while asterisk adds partial matches).

e.g. 桥*

Added as of the 5/11 release :slight_smile: