Search don't find words in secure note (iPhone app)

I have added a secure note in the chrome extension where I have this text in my note
gula kortet

When searching in chrome extension or in BW desktop app (win) I will find the correct note.
Searching in iPhone app I will not find the note when I search for the word pin
When I add pin into the name of the note, I can find it.

Is this a confirmed bug or is it a new finding. How shall this work on phone? Is just the name searchable in iPhone app, then I think this must be fixed since I dont think I am alone that want to be able to search the whole content of the notes.
Thanks in advance /Uffe

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Hi @ulfelf!

The mobile app search isn’t mechanically the same as the desktop/browser extension is.

Here’s an existing feature request for making the two congruent:

Thanks for that @tgreer !
Looking forward to that.
The reason I was getting grey hair looking in the app is that I am going into office for first time since nearly two years and I couldn’t remember the pin code to get pass the security door. :wink:

If that search is difficult to implement, is there a possibility to go to Secure Notes section and when you do a search there, you can have full search just in the notes?

Ran into similar situation but in my case desktop version which cannot find record in NOTES section of Login type record…
More details here: Desktop Bitwarden(v1.29.1): Notes section not searchable