Search by Custom Field NAME

I’d like to be able to do a search that returns records where the NAME of the field matches my search criteria.

For example, I have some identities of a few people and I use custom fields to add extra info, like the number of pets they have titled “no. pets” as a custom field. If I search for “pets” I’d like the results to include all identities with that field.

@link-leo Welcome to the forum!

Unless you are using a mobile app, you can enter the following advanced search expression (please note that the leading > character is required):


The search is a little finicky in the way it treats space characters and hyphens, so it is best to use wildcard characters in their place (e.g., *pets as above, or no.*pets).

Note that the above method will try to match either the field name or the field value, so if any of the field values end with pets, those would also come up in the search results.

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