Scheduled Sharing

I would like to see a feature that allows something to be shared on a schedule, like a note with an attachment. This would allow me to setup a “dead mans” switch with important info, but do so securely.

Depending on the frequency at which you would like to affirm your viability, you could set up a Bitwarden Send to work as a dead man’s switch.

Using Bitwarden Send, you can share a note or an attachment and set an expiration date and/or a maximum access count. Most email clients allow you to delay the delivery of an email, so you could set up an email containing the Send link (or the Send password) at a future date. The maximum lifespan for a Send is 31 days, so you would have to reset the Send and the scheduled email every month (or more frequently, if you are using a shorter time delay on the email delivery).

If you would like to do this at a lower frequency, your best bet would be to set up a trusted contact as authorized for emergency access, and then ask them to request emergency access at a specified frequency (e.g., annually).

A quick Google search reveals that there are also third party services that implement a dead man’s switch.

In any case, I understand that you are requesting this functionality to be built in to Bitwarden, but I wanted to offer the above suggestions in case your request is not implemented in the near future.

Interesting, thank you. Yes, was hoping to stay within Bitwarden for this functionality. I was hoping to use a frequency of sending a year in advance but not sooner. Thank you.