Scanned QR - Google Authenticator OTP Valid - BitWarden Not!


I have added a Google Authenticator Token for myself for login on SafeNet ( a Gemalto company site)
If I scan the QR code I get for the Token with Google Authenticator the OTP I get works fine.
If I scan the QR code in BitWarden the OTP I get doesn’t!
I got an independent QR Reader just to see what the QR coder reads and BitWarden seems to be getting the right information (TOTP code).

Any ideas why this might be happening?


I have noticed that this token in Google Authenticator doesn’t autogenerate an OTP.
I have to explicitly request it. Also it seems to expire after only 5 seconds.

BitWarden generates a code every 30seconds automatically and doesn’t allow me to refresh on demand.

I have also checked the time on all systems used and time isn’t an issue.
As mentioned Google Authenticator works properly.

Any help is appreciated!