Save prompt needs reframing to avoid mistakes

When I edit an item and forget to save, a prompt comes up but it is confusing. Instead of a button “Save”, it has “No/Yes”. Often when in a hurry I have clicked ‘yes’ - as I do want to save, but the question is “Are you sure you want to leave?” Most apps use a simple prompt “do you want to save changes?” with a Save button. That would remove any uncertainty.


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I think that the behavior you’re describing exists only in the Desktop app. Have you seen it in any of the other apps? You tagged your post app:all.

Yes, I have this same issue in the Desktop app. Even if it’s only the Desktop app it should be improved. (I too have lost many passwords by quickly responding to this dialog box.)

More details:

The “Unsaved changes” dialog box does not follow the usual pattern of Yes to save.
Also, it does not identify which record is in question. (It’s possible to not have the record in question showing.)

Please change the button text to Save Changes and Discard Changes
Bonus points: add the record’s Name to the dialog box.

The requirement to “save” new passwords is not obvious. I’ve lost several passwords by neglecting to hit the barely visible “disc” save icon. Please make “saving” either automatic or more obvious. Thanks!

Much better, name the two buttons “Save” and “Discard”. Eliminates the need to carefully read the question.

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Seems like an easy PR…