Safari Icon Disappearing on BigSur

Has anyone else experienced the disappearance of the BitWarden menu bar icon on Safari? It routinely disappears on Safari and I have to go to Preferences > Extensions > Then uncheck to disable, then recheck to enable the extension before the logo appears. When this happens I lose functionality of the keyboard shortcuts and Bitwarden doesn’t appear to be functioning.

Trying to just “customize the toolbar” to see if the logo is just hidden does nothing; the button is missing from here as well.

I can’t seem to pinpoint how to recreate this, but it happens so frequently that I loath using Safari as my default browser now.

Software Versions:
Safari: 14.0.1 (16610.3.6.3), BigSur 11.1 Beta (20C5048k), Bitwarden 1.46.2

Screen shot to show that Bitwarden is enabled but there is no menu bar logo.

There are some issues with Safari currently using the app extension method, but the team is working on converting back to the old (new?) browser extension (Apple changed this and is now changing back…) - so this should be better in the near future!

GitHub issue for Safari crashes, etc:

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I see they’re hoping to have a release/update by year end back to the core Web Extension for Safari.

Thank you for sharing the link. I didn’t even think to search there. I’m not as familiar with the GitHub community as I should be!

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I’ve had this issue consistently with macOS Big Sur. Found that updating the macOS Bitwarden application causes the Safari plugin extension to disappear too.