Safari Extension Weirdness Across 2 Macs and 2 OS Versions

So I’ve had this ongoing Safari-on-macOS flakiness for a while now. At any given time, when I try to use the Safari right-click extension to populate credentials, the extension can show no logins available when the URL matches the URL in the BW safe for said login, show the wrong logins (meetup instead of intuit if meetup was the last credo populated by BW), or the extension doesn’t show up in the right mouse click context menu. When it doesn’t work, I could come back to the computer an hour later and it’s working again.

Through all of this, the toolbar BW menu works fine, as does the desktop client. I migrated from LastPass to BW on Big Sur. The problem has been ongoing on both my iMac and MBP for both Big Sur and now Sonoma. Rebooting or exiting of Safari and relaunching corrects the issue for the short term. Any help is appreciated.

My current versions are as follows:
Safari: 17.0
Safari extension: 2023.9.2
macOS 14.0
BW desktop version: 2923.9.3