Safari extension on Mac not showing right password in context menu/on right click

Apologies if this has already been asked - I couldn’t find it but please point me to the answer if it has already been given.

When I need to log in, and right click to open the context menu and then select Bitwarden > Autofill, the username and password it provides are, if BW has been unlocked, those of a different website, even though the URI is correct. The login details BW provides at that point seem to be those of the first website I logged into after unlocking the vault. It then seems to get ‘stuck’ on that site and only provide those login details on any subsequent website I visit, unless I log out of BW and log in again.

For example, if I want to log in on Facebook, but logged in to, say, Gmail upon unlocking BW, it will Gmail’s login details. I’m not sure why it gets ‘stuck’ on certain websites, or how to resolve this. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks. (Btw I’m not a computer programmer or software developer or anything like that so apologies if I’ve missed anything obvious.)

Hey @aelan12, a quick trick is to use the following keyboard shortcut to cycle through logins, let me know if this helps:

Ctrl/CMD + Shift + L Autofill, press again to cycle through matching logins

If a login uses the Bitwarden Authenticator for TOTPs, using the Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + L will automatically copy your TOTP to your clipboard after auto-filling. All you have to do is Cmd/Ctrl + V to paste!

I have not experienced this behaviour before, but I have seen something similar happen on sites like that allow you to use your Google, Facebook, or Apple credentials to login. In those situations, your are on a page but you need to use your other credentials, and that can obviously ‘fool’ Bitwarden’s matching logic.

Hey @aelan12, thanks for your patience, more info on Github here.

Seems to be linked to triggering the Vault log in / unlock through an autofill attempt, manually unlocking the vault works normally. Issue persists until the browser is restarted, re-logging Bitwarden alone does not fix. Autofill via the extension continues to works correctly, though the matching item counter badge does not display.

Thanks for the replies.

David, I can see how that might happen but that is not actually what is happening in my case, as it also happens on sites that do not allow for logging in via Google, Facebook, and sites like that.

Dwbit, thank you, yes that issue that you linked to from Github is the right one. I read more on the Github page and what another user flagged there as a related issue is also happening to me (it also often shows ‘Unlock Vault’ in the context menu even though I’m already logged in), though like the other user I can’t quite figure out what is triggering either of these things. This is what the other user wrote: Contextual menu does not detect website properly · Issue #2455 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub.

I’ll keep an eye on the Github thread to see what the solution might be; thanks for your help.