Safari Extension not compatible with Safari Version 13.0 (14608.1.49)

I’m using safari tec preview to test webautn with fido.
I can install BitWarden extension.
I read here


Legacy Safari Extensions (.safariextz files) are no longer supported. Safari App Extensions and Content Blockers, which can take advantage of powerful native APIs and frameworks as well as web technologies, can be distributed with apps in the App Store or from developers’ websites. You can learn more at

Apple introduced an extensions gallery in the Mac App Store with macOS High Sierra. As of January 1, 2019 Apple no longer accepts new extensions to the Safari Extensions Gallery. Developers can visit this page to learn how to convert legacy extensions built with Safari Extension Builder.

Here you can find the way to converti a Legacy Safari Extension to a Safari App Extension

I think that now, to install extension, they have to be published on the App Store and not on the safari gallery.

Is this update in progress?

BitWarden bot compatible with Public Stable Safari Versione 13.0 (14608.1.49)

Sorry but, how can I use BitWarden Safari extension without install out of AppStore Extension for Safari? Try to from developer mode but is not signed from Apple and reject to install.

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This is the problem!

This is very unhelpful. This is a user-to-user forum (supposedly) that the one developer seems to chime in on very occasionally. There seems to be no workaround and I haven’t seen anything indicating he’ll address this issue.

Clearly Apple users are not the target market for Bitwarden (no working macOS Safari extension, missing Safari iOS 13 extension, Bitwarden iOS laking features of Bitwarden Android).

Just received this email from support!

Hi Martino,

The new Safari extension is now packaged with the Bitwarden Desktop App. You can download the latest app here:

If you are using the App Store version of the app you will need to first uninstall the app currently installed and then you can install the dmg file.

The new app will be made available in the App Store as soon as it finishes making its way through the Apple deployment process.

Please let us know how it works for you or if you need help with anything else.

Kind regards,


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v1.16.2 has been released with support for the new Safari App Extension. You can find the .dmg version on our website homepage. The App Store update for v1.16.2 has been delayed since Apple is now requiring us to add in-app purchases for premium memberships before they will accept our App Extension update.


Installing v1.16.2 worked for me!

Took me a sec to figure it out, tho. After installing/opening this new desktop app, find the extension in Safari > Preferences… > Extensions, and enable it there.


Hey there,
i installed the new v1.16.2 but the Extension isn’t shown in Safari 13.
I removed Bitwarden Desktop Client and reinstalled, but no Extension there.

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See the post above yours by sccottt. New BitWarden extension working perfectly in Safari 13.

Does not work for me. Removed App twice via recycle bin and AppCleaner and installed the 1.16.2 .dmg afterwards.

Any suggestions?

As i told, no extension available.

(cc @Manuel_Weiser) I’m guessing you tried it, but to be sure, I also opened the Desktop application after moving it to the Applications folder, and then restarted Safari.

Then it showed up in the Preferences.


I don’t have Bitwarden in the extensions tab.
Also in the Folder “/Users/manuel/Library/Safari/Extensions” there is no Bitwarden extension.

Sure, I did: Closed Safari (kill), Removed App (AppCleaner), Reinstalled App and then started Safari. No Extention in Settings.


Very weird. Only difference I see is I’m running macOS 10.14 :man_shrugging:

Did you actually LAUNCH the BitWarden desktop app for macOS before restarting Safari? Launch the app and let it do its config, then launch Safari and check the Preferences / Extensions tab for the BitWarden extension to enable it.

There was a problem with the BW desktop app v1.16.2 on High Sierra an Safari 13. See discussion over at github

But the problem is resolved with the latest update of BW desktop app v1.16.4
I can confirm that it is now working again with safari 13 and High Sierra


I"m running Safari 12 on Mojave and I can enable the Bitwarden extension, the shield shows up on the toolbar for a second and disappears… Not working.

Can confirm. BW 1.16.4 solves my problem.