Safari Extension (macOS Monterey) problem

If you click on Premium Membership in Settings, it simply freeze.

Works for me. Have you tried logging out and logging in again? If that doesn’t work, have you tried reinstalling Bitwarden to ‘reset’ your profile?

I can confirm this behaviour. I’ve uninstalled Bitwarden completely and removed relevant data from ~/Library, too, but it makes no difference.

If you quit and then re-open Safari, the extension works again (until you click on Premium Membership). Also, going into Safari preferences and unchecking the extension then checking it again also fixes it.

Yes, I did. No difference. BTW, no problem with Firefox extension.

I take that back. Tried it again and it hangs for me too.

It looks like there is an open bug report on this, so hopefully it gets fixed in the next release cycle.