Safari Browser Extension appearance lag

Hi there,
I noticed that the browser extension for Safari appear a few seconds after I click the extension button. Compare to other browsers, Firefox appear almost instantly while Chrome about 1 sec. delay.
This can cause user to click a few times (in Safari) and resulting the extension popup to close if the appearance timing is exactly the same with the clicking the second time.
Or may be it is just me.
Thanks and stay safe.


Yes, it’s the same for me!
Besides this, after the last update the extension window is also smaller and I can’t enlarge it.

Noticed this as well after the most recent update. Was not like this before and I have, on more than one occasion, clicked it more than once thinking I’d missed it.

It also stays around too long after filling in the password on the page, it’s in the way. Should go away as soon as the form is filled in

Same here. This delay which is exclusive to Safari is very annoying.

I agree. Though I can’t speak about the changes made under the hood, the UI and UX changes missed the mark in a big way (in my opinion).

The popup window is too slow to appear, as well as being too small, since the way items are displayed is meant for the old size. The big blue icon on Safari looks ugly (suggestion: make the icon look like the rest of the Safari icons, or at least change it back to the old one, it used to fit in way better), and the red bubble with the number of logins is obnoxious and does not serve much purpose, as I don’t need to know if and how many logins I have for this page; if I want to know I will check manually.