Run Bitwarden in Azure Container Instances

Has anyone attempted (or is it even possible) to install and run BW in Azure Containerize Instances vs creating a VM?

I have briefly experimented with a similar option in both a traditional Azure VM, as well as within an Azure container instance.
This product was more aligned with using a custom docker-compose.yml file though which the Azure container instance worked well with IIRC.
Ultimately I ended up using a standard Azure VM to deploy the required docker containers, and again this was all for testing and was eventually removed. So was not sought after as the “best” permanent solution for a production roll-out.

From some brief searching it appears there is some scripting for PowerShell to deploy Azure container instances.

Though I am unsure if this would work with the provided bitwarden.ps1 install script or more likely using PowerShell to deploy to Azure container instances.
Ultimately Azure container instances can be deployed with docker containers which Bitwarden provides via their Official docker hub.
The install script provided just provides a simple and interactive method to pull the latest docker images via the docker hub, so in theory a custom script could also be written to also pull the required images and be run as an Azure container instance.

Would be very interested to see what could be complied together, and if possible some generic scripts and documentation can be created for others interested in a similar set-up. :slight_smile:

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I’m very interested in what this would take.

I’ve also seen this docker documentation:

How To Deploy Containers to Azure ACI using Docker CLI and Compose - Docker

Which has me thinking of using a script or even the manual method, by simply making and setting a context into ACI directly using docker.

I have not tried this yet, but probably going to be one of the first ways I look at doing this.