Roadmap: Passwordless login option. Explanation?

Hello there,

What exactly does passwordless login option mean? Would it be possible to completely ditch the master password (as 1P will do it in summer as an option)?

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I could be wrong, but I assumed it meant the Login with Device feature added to Extensions and the Desktop App.

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Hey @tomtom, the team is continuing to expand on passwordless options. Currently you can explore the following:

  • Log in with a device (currently available to authenticate into web vault by approving login requests on mobile and soon to be available on other clients such as desktop and browser extension.
  • Use a passkey as 2FA for your Bitwarden account by accessing the web vault from a compatible mobile device.
  • Use biometrics to unlock your account.
  • has recently joined the family, currently in beta and enables organizations to quickly deploy passwordless authentication experiences.
  • In development: passkey support (store, manage and retrieve passkeys within Bitwarden).
  • More to come :slight_smile: